• Real Name
    Eric Kilgore

    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    & Crews
    Nothing and Nobody, But the kid Sure does love Albuquerque!

    October 11, 1984

    Kapink Specializes in Graffiti, Digital Artwork, Photography and Painting, but has done Body Painting as well.
    Kapink has a little dog named Scooter, and a big dog named Mr. Suggs.

  • Biography
    Born in Roswell, NM 1984, raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kapink Started his Career in 2005
    but was working on projects much earlier, Kapink has lived in Kansas, Arizona and New Mexico and has traveled
    to most of the United States and Mexico, Kapink Specializes in Graffitti, Digital Artwork, Photography and Painting.
    Kapink has a degree in Digital Design and Animation.

    Kapink's Artwork is Currently for Sale at Ashley Furniture Homestore and Caps in Albuquerque.

    Awards and Accomplishments:
    T-Shirt Designer for Albuquerque High School.
    T-Shirt Designer for Manzano High School
    Featured Artist at "Injunity"
    Featured Artist at "Space"
    Headlining Artist at "Rebel Bass"
    Featured Artist at ACE (Albuquererque Comic Expo)
    Featured Artist at "The Memorial Day Meltdown"
    Headlining Artist at "Surviving the Cut" at Blackbird Buvette,
    Headlining Artist at "Stencilsim" at Blackbird Buvette,
    Featured Artist at Hooligan's Nightclub
    Featured Artist at Albuquerque's Summer Jam 4
    Featured Artist at the Albuquerque Social Club's Spring Exhibit
    New Mexico Einstien Gala Featured Participant,
    Featured "The Easel Place" Artist
    Auctioned off a piece for New Mexico's favorite Pitbull Charity "The Babe's and Bullies",
    Featured Artist at the Sheraton Albuquerque,
    Featured Artist at Bomb the Canvas 4,
    Featured Body Painter at Expressions: Presented by Rebel Dolls Ink.

    Equipment Kapink uses regularly:
    Master's Touch Canvas
    All-City Spraypaint
    Fresh Paint! Spraypaint
    Clash Spraypaint
    Rustoleum Spraypaint
    Kobra Spraypaint
    X-acto #2 Blades
    Frog Tape
    Prismacolor Markers
    Elmers Painter's Markers

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    Twitter : @KaPinkArt
    Instagram : KapinkArt
    Facebook : www.facebook.com/KapinkArt